First Solo Jet Ski Lap of New Zealand Ever Completed

February 28, 2023: The first man to lap mainland Australia and Tasmania, solo on a Jet Ski has completed the Australasian trifecta by circumnavigating New Zealand.

Lindsay Warner (64) tackled cyclones and rough weather conditions during the lap making the feat all the more impressive.

The adventurer and real-estate agent/auctioneer based in Adelaide took 9 days on the water to lap the South Island and another 12 days on the water to lap the North Island.

The mission started on the 14th of January and was completed on 21 February 2023. The remaining days off the water used to maintain equipment and ride out cyclone weather.

Warner’s choice of equipment was the same 2017 Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra LX he used on the Australian laps. A backup 2022 Jet Ski Ultra LX was taken by his 2-support road crew but was untouched for the journey.

Lindsay Warner’s longest day on the water was during the first leg of the South Island where he travelled 375km on the West Coast. The last 3 days of the journey required a marathon effort to cover a total of 850km (305km, 320km and 220km) in order to beat another major weather pattern.

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Photo Credit: Images courtesy of Lindsay Warner