Kawasaki ERGO-FIT Center in Motorad, Lower Hutt

Kawasaki NZ is proud to announce that Motorad Lower Hutt is the latest dealer to offer the Kawasaki ERGO-FIT® Center experience.

ERGO-FIT® is an exclusive sizing system that creates the perfect fit for riders of all sizes by adjusting the bike’s handlebar, seat and footpegs to accommodate the rider’s height and reach.

At dealerships that are equipped with a Kawasaki ERGO-FIT® Center, customers will have the option to get fitted in real-time. Customers are encouraged to get fitted on the display bike where a consumer-facing graphic explains the sizing process.
Based on their height, customers begin from one of the three starting points: Reduced Reach, Mid Reach or Extended Reach. From there, they can further adjust the handlebar position, seat height and footpeg location independently from each other. With a total of 18 combination adjustments, customers can find a truly customized fit for optimal riding comfort and confidence.

Riding the right-sized motorcycle is crucial for comfort and safety. Having the correct seat support and being able to reach the ground and handlebar comfortably increases riding confidence and reduces fatigue. Customers can have peace of mind knowing they have the best fit possible before leaving the dealership.

Find out more below or visit your nearest Kawasaki Authorised Dealer with ERGO-FIT Center for details.