1933 Timelines: 1901-1950

Begins manufacture and sale of Rokkogo automobiles.

In 1918, Kawasaki started manufacturing trucks at Hyogo Works to meet the social needs of the day, however, production was suspended until 1929, when the Company (Kawasaki Rolling Stock Manufacturing) resumed manufacturing automobiles. In 1931, the prototype of a 1.5 ton truck was completed based on a U.S. deluxe model, and the next year Kawasaki started producing Rokkogo trucks and buses. In 1933, it also began manufacturing classy Rokkogo passenger cars for such customers as the Imperial family.

Although the Company stopped producing automobiles in 1942 by order of the Department of War, which intended to shift production capacity from automobiles to airplanes, Kawasaki pioneered Japan’s automobile industry during that era.